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Setembro 26, 2008

Trovante, ao vivo, no Campo Pequeno, em 1988!

Ser poeta é ser mais alto, é ser maior
Do que os homens! Morder como quem beija!
É ser mendigo e dar como quem seja
Rei do Reino de Áquem e de Além Dor!

É ter de mil desejos o esplendor
E não saber sequer que se deseja!
É ter cá dentro um astro que flameja,
É ter garras e asas de condor!

É ter fome, é ter sede de Infinito!
Por elmo, as manhas de oiro e de cetim…
É condensar o mundo num só grito!

E é amar-te, assim, perdidamente…
É seres alma, e sangue, e vida em mim
E dize-lo cantando a toda a gente!

Poema de Florbela Espanca.

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U2, “One”

Julho 29, 2008

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Ben Harper – Optimus Alive!08

Julho 14, 2008

O Mundo do Sol esteve lá e fez um “dueto” com Ben Harper… a “reportagem” não é nossa, porque os nossos telemóveis não têm câmara 😛

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A dançar pelo mundo fora…

Julho 11, 2008

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Eddy grant – “Gimme” Hope Joanna!

Julho 9, 2008

“Gimme” Hope Joanna:

Well Jo’anna she runs a country
She runs in Durban and the Transvaal
She makes a few of her people happy, oh
She don’t care about the rest at all
She’s got a system they call apartheid
It keeps a brother in a subjection
But maybe pressure can make Jo’anna see
How everybody could a live as one

Gimme hope, Jo’anna
Hope, Jo’anna
Gimme hope, Jo’anna
‘Fore the morning come
Gimme hope, Jo’anna
Hope, Jo’anna
Hope before the morning come

I hear she make all the golden money
To buy new weapons, any shape of guns
While every mother in black Soweto fears
The killing of another son
Sneakin’ across all the neighbours’ borders
Now and again having little fun
She doesn’t care if the fun and games she play
Is dang’rous to ev’ryone


She’s got supporters in high up places
Who turn their heads to the city sun
Jo’anna give them the fancy money
Oh to tempt anyone who’d come
She even knows how to swing opinion
In every magazine and the journals
For every bad move that this Jo’anna makes
They got a good explanation


Even the preacher who works for Jesus
The Archbishop who’s a peaceful man
Together say that the freedom fighters
Will overcome the very strong
I wanna know if you’re blind Jo’anna
If you wanna hear the sound of drums
Can’t you see that the tide is turning
Oh don’t make me wait till the morning come


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Águas de Março – Sandy e Junior

Junho 30, 2008

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Hey there Delilah!

Junho 6, 2008

Música calminha… para entrarmos calminhos no fim de semana… 

Hey there Delilah
What’s it like in New York City?
I’m a thousand miles away
But girl, tonight you look so pretty
Yes you do
Times Square can’t shine as bright as you
I swear it’s true

Hey there Delilah
Don’t you worry about the distance
I’m right there if you get lonely
Give this song another listen
Close your eyes
Listen to my voice, it’s my disguise
I’m by your side

Oh it’s what you do to me
Oh it’s what you do to me
Oh it’s what you do to me
Oh it’s what you do to me
What you do to me

Hey there Delilah
I know times are getting hard
But just believe me, girl
Someday I’ll pay the bills with this guitar
We’ll have it good
We’ll have the life we knew we would
My word is good

Hey there Delilah
I’ve got so much left to say
If every simple song I wrote to you
Would take your breath away
I’d write it all
Even more in love with me you’d fall
We’d have it all

Oh it’s what you do to me
Oh it’s what you do to me
Oh it’s what you do to me
Oh it’s what you do to me

A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they’ve got planes and trains and cars
I’d walk to you if I had no other way
Our friends would all make fun of us
and we’ll just laugh along because we know
That none of them have felt this way
Delilah I can promise you
That by the time we get through
The world will never ever be the same
And you’re to blame

Hey there Delilah
You be good and don’t you miss me
Two more years and you’ll be done with school
And I’ll be making history like I do
You’ll know it’s all because of you
We can do whatever we want to
Hey there Delilah here’s to you
This one’s for you

Oh it’s what you do to me
Oh it’s what you do to me
Oh it’s what you do to me
Oh it’s what you do to me
What you do to me.

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Bon Jovi – “Bed of roses”

Junho 2, 2008

Já que os “Bon Jovi” se “esqueceram” desta no Sábado… aqui fica…

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Steve Miller – Joker/Space Cowboy

Maio 19, 2008

Música para começar bem a semana…

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Música clássica por Bill Watterson

Maio 16, 2008

Uma abordagem nada clássica… à música clássica!

Por Bill Watterson, em “Calvin and Hobbes”. 😉 A